dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Furniture made by me on The H.M.C

 Everything is own design.

A tool box made by hand with traditional dovetail joints.
a combination of maple(white)/walnut
here you see the box completely ready for the saw.
we sawed it in 2 to create a lid.
As you probable seen i made a handmade veneer inlay work on the lid.
From a Labrador.

This are pictures for a garden table/picknick table.

here you see the table finished in 3 layers of oil.

At the customer.

Drawing for a traditional draw

Drawing of my cabinet.

mechanical made dovetails (test)

Hand made dovetails in the draw.

Cabinet finished.

here you see the combination of maple wood(white)with walnut(brown)
padauk(red) and the brown back is mahogany counter veneer.

detail of a tongue and groove joint in my pouffe.

a bit big but its gonna be sliced in two.

Floating effect.

the furnish a want it to do by my self so i want to the furnish section.

This is the result 1 of my latest piece.

this one is a combination of ash and elms wood.

thanks for reading/watching.


maandag 13 juni 2011

First year furniture making

My first furniture making experience.

 knife sharping box.

a piano stool

 has a removable board so you can store you check pieces in it.
a check/dams board table.
turned table leg and a veneer check/dams board.

thanks for watchig.

i will post more this afternoon and that wil be more furniture.


First Wood crafting experience.

My first work from 3e year highschool.

 My first work a todler chair

Kitchen stair.
 Wooden Windowframe with window.
Garden tabel.

Everything was from Whitwood.

I will post more work.

bye and thanks for watching.